Employee Retention Tips That Work

Employee RetentionThe number of employment opportunities across the globe has been dwindling over time. Ironically, the same applies to the availability of competent personnel to take up some of the demanding roles in organizations. In fact, some companies suffer high turnover rates, not because of poor remuneration or working conditions, but because companies are willing to attract and retain the best in their respective industries to push their profit margins higher.

Just like in marketing, it takes nine times more efforts and investment to attract the best experts than to retain the current workforce. In this regard, human resources managers and business owners are left with no option but to try as much as possible to maintain a low employee turnover by retaining the best. To realize this, here are five tips that will work.

1. Understand Employees Are People

Yes, employees are people who should be treated decently. Experts don’t have to beg for jobs anymore because they can always find something to do with their time and skills. Employers that treat their staff like slaves cannot retain them for long because people are nowadays impatient and will not hesitate to find green pastures elsewhere. If you require someone to work extra hours, have a compensation plan such as overtime allowance. This will motivate them to work even harder. If they fall sick, encourage them to take leave and even visit them in hospital.

2. Compensation

It is true that money is never enough but one thing most employers don’t understand is that some people are not entirely motivated by remuneration. Offer employees what they are worth and make it possible for them to make more through other avenues. You might be paying less than the competition, but so long as they have a reasonable package, make it worthwhile. Offer them other benefits such as paid-for leave, medical cover, life insurance (if you can afford it), among other benefits. You can negotiate these with the staff just to ensure that they are comfortable at workplace.

3. Offer Training

Career growth is very important. Make employees better by sponsoring short courses, seminars, workshops or trainings so that they can improve in their duties. View this as a cost to the company. The employees feel appreciated and that you care about their welfare. With time, they will share in the company’s vision and view it as home and their own; no amount of money can purchase that.

4. Show Potential for Career Growth

Someone might have accepted a low level offer, but that doesn’t mean that they will be comfortable in that same position for the rest of their lives. Promotions don’t have to come with huge remuneration rewards befitting such positions. Just make it competitive for all so that whoever delivers or attains a certain period of service can be moved to a different higher role such as supervisory. Everyone wants to grow, and very few will be willing to move elsewhere with prospects of growth visible.

Involve Employees in Decision Making

Employees are the pillars that hold an organization. They should therefore be involved in important decision making. Implement an open-door policy and encourage them to discuss their challenges-it doesn’t have to be restricted to work-related but general life and family as well.

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Coin Operated Washer: A Hassle Free Laundry Service

Washing machine is one of the most useful domestic devices inside our homes. Every day we change our clothes and washing clothes was never been easy without washing machines. In an apartment set up, most landlords provide washing machines for their tenants to make laundry a convenient task for tenants. They don’t need to look around for laundry shop and they don’t have to bring their clothes to be cleaned so frequently to the nearest laundry shop.

Setting up a laundry machine for tenants would increase the probability of your renters to stay in your estate because of the comfort it provides to them. This would mean steady tenants for you that will give you a secure income. Thus, it is important to look after their welfare first and business will absolutely follow.

However, the biggest challenge about this idea is the proper charging of the machine per use. Obviously, it is not possible to check and watch all the tenants on how many times they actually use the machine. Also installing an electric reading meter is expensive and simply ridiculous. This is where you can appreciate the benefits of coin operated washer.

If you happen to have the concern I discussed earlier, your best option is the coin operated laundry machine. This machine will let you skip the hassles of checking your tenant’s laundry machine usage as it will only require coin to operate. If they don’t put in the required coins, it simply won’t work.  Also, this machine is programmed in a way where users can never overload the machines. Hence, you can rest assured that every user has paid the right laundry charges. Most of all, you will never again appear as villain that collects money from them, thus less headaches.

Coin operated laundry machine is the best solution for your tenants laundry needs and for your billing inconveniences. That is why you need to have a durable and dependable coin operated washer in order to avoid further inconvenience in the future. It is very important that when you buy your coin operated washer you buy it from a reputable store and buy only the best brand there is as you don’t want a machine that will abandon you pretty soon. Do your research to know which brand and model that will suit to your requirements. CS Laundry is a good website to explore about laundry equipment.

Make sure that all parts are checked and are functioning perfectly. It is better to purchase from authorized dealers as they are knowledgeable about the product thus, they can very much help you with enough information on how to operate and maintain the machine. On the other hand, when you purchase a coin operated washer for your tenants, you may want to consider the color that will best suit to their style and taste as well as your interiors. It is always safe to pick a color that will give a nice combination to the interior designs and color of the house.

Your Guide In Choosing Manufacturing Automation Solution Provider

All manufacturing companies have procedures to follow in business operation and production. Every single procedure is necessary with very limited to zero inaccuracies to ensure high production rate and less cost. Manufacturing automation solution is an effective way to increase productivity while reducing operational cost.

In fact, there are several traditional and non-traditional benefits of setting up manufacturing automation solution. The traditional benefits are high productivity, lower operational cost, high quality, reduce wastage and diminish failures. Its non-traditional benefits on the other hand includes reduce accident rate, increase flexibility and reduce risks as dangerous tasks are performed by automated machines.

These are just few of the top reasons why many manufacturing companies are looking for a reliable manufacturing automation provider who can give them the best automated solution that will fit to their industrial needs. Apparently, the automation provider will have a great impact to the result, productivity and quality of the products produced by the manufacturing company. Thus, it is wise for manufacturing companies seeking for automation solution to choose the best and the most practical solution provider there is.

During the selection of service provider, always think long term and consider some important criteria before signing a contract with a supplier. They should be giving you the right solution, not problems. A great manufacturing solution provider is the one that can setup and optimize the complete process automatically for a heightened result.

The problem is that there are many industrial solution providers nowadays that claimed to be the best among the rest. How will you then know which one is genuine and reliable? The answer is, do your careful research. You can visit www.fa.com.my to have a good start in your research.

Take note that there are many kinds of automation solution providers. There are providers that create products that are not supported by sufficient knowledge and industry implementation while others create well-made automation products but the provider itself lacks the expertise to optimize the entire system to enhance the overall manufacturing automation project.

When selecting a provider, the size of the company matters. For small manufacturing companies, it is suggested that they get a solution provider that of the same size as their company. Why? Because small companies are like babies. They require focus and care to be able to grow strong and steady. Large automation solution providers may not care about small businesses as much as smaller solution providers. The big ones may not follow-up as needed and optimize the resources as enthusiastic as the small one does.

There are few important things to consider when selecting a solution provider may it be big or small enterprise. Look for a solution provider that is willing to be a partner of your business for a long period of time, giving you the support that you need. Also, it is important that you are well informed about how the employees of the service provider approach, handle and support their clients by listening to their previous and existing clients.

Find out if the automation solution provider always optimize their product and support service to the client’s satisfaction. Moreover, know if the solution provider you are eyeing has a good track record of getting the project done on time. Also, ensure that they have in-house experts and right alliances to keep your business on track if things don’t work as it should. Lastly, compare the prices of each company you found suitable for your needs and decide according to the value you are getting instead of how low they will charge you for their service.

How Air Compressor Works

air-compressorAir compressors are now common in every home and industrial area.  These are needed for refrigerators and air conditioners.  Other applications of the air compressors include manufacturing industries, jet engines and commercial business. The traditional air compressors were used since olden times. The basic principle of how air compressor works is by supplying compressed air in a specified area. The atmospheric air is compressed or compacted using specific mechanisms and later utilized as required. There are several types of air compressors available in the market. Among them, portable air compressors are more popular nowadays because of their compact size and portability. Each type of compressor may vary in the working:

Types of air compressors

  • Centrifugal Air Compressor
  • Reciprocating or Piston Air Compressor
  • Rotary Air Compressor

Centrifugal Air Compressor

These are used when high force of compressed air is required. These are also called dynamic compressors. To know how air compressor works, we have to know the two significant parts of it. They are the impeller and the diffuser. The impeller spins at a very high speed, which in turn increases the air speed. The air is intended towards the diffuser and it converts the air speed to force. The two main mechanisms involved here are the power source and the compressing mechanism. The usual power source is an electric motor and a piston is the compressing device. The piston compacts the atmospheric air due to the power from the electric motor.

Reciprocating or Piston Air Compressor

As the name indicates, it uses a piston for compressing the air. The air is then kept in a storage tank. There are two types of piston air compressors. They are primary-stage piston air compressors and twin piston stage compressors. This classification is based on the quantity of compression stages. The difference between the two types is in how air compressor works. In a single stage device, singular piston is used to compact the air, whereas in the double-stage device, twin pistons are used to compact the air.

Rotary Air Compressor

How air compressor works is the same as in the positive displacement type of reciprocating compressor. There are two helical mated bolts which rotate constantly in this compressor. In the reciprocating air compressor, pistons are used in place of these bolts.  The screws connected, rotate toward each other. This helps in compressing the air and pushing it towards the storage tank.

In all these compressors, what is done is that, the force of the atmospheric air is increased by reducing its volume. This is done using pistons or impellers. When this compressed air is utilized for doing different kinds of works, the pressure level falls. When the force thus drops, the force button gets switched on. Thus, the compressed air is let out to the atmosphere. This process is repeated again and again for the working of the air compressor.

It is always better to know the working of an instrument that we use. So, if you are a person who uses air compressors, check out http://www.asialux.com.my/ and the above do details to know how air compressor works.