Tips for an impressive interview


When it comes to interviews, it makes the long and overwhelming process of job search seem easier. This is because interviews bring with them the added pressure of trying to impress the potential employer in order to bag the job. To do so, some candidates tend to go overboard by either talking too much, or too little. Others let their nerves get to them and end up conducting themselves in a nervous manner resulting in the commonly feared rejection. Here are a few ways you can try to minimize your chances of failing at an interview:

  • Exert confidence – this begins with a confident and firm handshake. Always be pleasant in greeting the employer and practice your handshake in advance. It should be crisp and smooth. Do not attempt to shake hands when your palms are sweaty, and ensure that you do not grip your potential employer’s hand too firmly or too weakly. Confidence is also reflected in your posture; hence make the most of it and avoid body language that may put off the interviewer.
  • Ask questions – try to weave your interview into a two-way conversation instead of providing meek answers to what the interviewer is asking. Be conversational but do not take it too far. Ask about the job, about the company and about its style of working. This lets the employer know that you are genuinely interested in the position and will be considering it in all aspects. However, do not go overboard with the questioning. It is often looked down upon if the job seeker asks about the salary in the first interview alone. Let this topic be discussed only when the employer approaches it, or when a few interviews have already been successfully concluded.
  • Practice  – this may sound like too much, but it is best to practice what you will be saying to your potential employer. The key to practising is not focusing on your choice of words or topics, but should be your pitch and tone. Practising beforehand with a friend will help you realize if you sound high pitched or not, or if you are talking too much or too fast. Remember, your first impression with the employer is going to stick for a while; make the most of it.
  • Smile – people with a sunny disposition often tend to stay in the minds of their potential employers as compared to candidates who were relatively dull or sober during the interview. This is because your personality projects the kind of contribution you will make to the environment of the office you are working in. Hence it helps to carry yourself with a smile. However, do not go overboard by being too enthusiastic; this could scare the employers away.

So the next time you attempt to search for jobs at portals housing reputed employers, remember that you, too, can succeed at interviews with such companies provided that you follow a few simple tips detailed above. Draw from your own success stories and failures in the past to determine what works and what does not work for employers.