Effective Home Water Filter Maintenance

water-filter-maintenanceWater filters are important systems in most homes and offices. The need for safe drinking water doesn’t require any emphasis. These systems don’t come cheap; they might be a bit costly but worthy investment that requires the best maintenance. Maintaining water filters varies, but it is highly recommended that you read and understand the manufacturer’s manual. Better maintenance will stretch the system’s life. Pay attention to special requirements that are exclusive to the specific equipment. Discussed below are four effective ways to maintain your filters;

1. Close Monitoring: Irrespective of the kind of filter, it is crucial that you understand how you can effectively monitor it for problems and if there is need to have some parts or the whole unit replaced. While some systems are packed with easy-to-understand displays showing status of its effectiveness, others may simply display a message asking for part replacement. It is therefore important to closely keep an eye on the system and ensure that it is kept in best possible working condition to continue serving the purpose.

2. System Cleaning: Not every malfunctioned unit is in dire need of automatic replacement. Remember as earlier mentioned, they cost money and it can be costly to have them replaced every time you encounter glitches. The only thing that you might have to do is to thoroughly clean these systems. While cleaning, be careful not to mess with some parts, especially electronic ones. Go through the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and the cleaning schedule to keep it in optimal working conditions.

3. Testing: Some water filtration systems like http://www.diamondrefined.com/my/ display that there is problem, but even after cleaning, you should follow up with testing to ensure that everything is in order. Testing them is not so complicated for some, but there are some cases when you might require the help of a technician. You must be careful when dealing with electronically powered systems because they can be dangerous if mishandled.

4. Replacement: There are times when, no matter what you do, such as cleaning and part replacement, the system completely fails to function. Well, it is possibly time to finally have the water filter replaced. Replacement is not normally complicated if only you can follow the recommended guidelines and best practices. Don’t entertain mistakes, if you don’t know how to replace the unit, just ask for help from a professional.

One more thing, you should periodically drain the filter of all the water, wash it using a recommended detergent before reusing it. This however depends on the type of the system and the quality of the water you dispense. For quality performance of the system, prepare and adhere to regular maintenance routine religiously. Proper maintenance of your water filter will not only help stretch it shelf life, but will in the long run save you and family money. Furthermore, it is the surest way of ensuring that your drinking water is safe for drinking. If you can stick to the above tips, then you can assure your family of safe drinking water for a very long time.




5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

If you have been contemplating to DIY your home’s interior, you might want to read on to find out why hiring an interior designer may be a better idea:

  1. Saves money


This would probably be the last thing on your mind as a reason for hiring an interior designer. Yes, you may be saving money if you design and do things yourself but have you factored in the mistakes you’re likely to make? Mistakes can be costly as a result of having to buy additional materials and redoing the work. Sometimes, the mistakes are not repairable and you would have to strip everything down and restart from scratch. This increases your cost twofold. Hiring an interior designer also means that you would be saving on the cost of materials as these designers have contacts and regular suppliers which ensure that they receive a better price than you do.

  1. Lots of resources

Interior designers have vast contacts, suppliers and resources. Therefore, they can present to you a wide collection of ideas and materials, unlike the limited ones you would have if you were to DIY. Given a wide range of selection, you are then able to select designs and raw materials that best fit your home at competitive prices.

  1. Saves time

Designing your home is no easy feat when you have a full-time job. Just imagine how much time you would require to sit down, come up with designs, source for the materials, make comparisons of quality and price, purchase the items and then finally putting the designs into place. This will take you months! As such, interior designing is best left to the experts such as (http://www.ipdm.org.my/) who do this daily as their bread and butter.

  1. Boost selling price

You might have come across classifieds ads which state that the house has been renovated. A made over home always has better value and if it is tastefully and beautifully done, more potential buyers will come to appreciate it. Having an interior designer professionally decorating your home not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful comfort of your home as you live in it but also for the next occupants to share the beauty of the space (at his expense, of course).

  1. Quality


Let’s face it: Your work will never be as good as the work of an interior designer. You may only be capable of simple transformations of a room or space but for works involving the entire house, interior designing is best left to those who.. well.. know best. Interior designers are meticulous and pay greater attention to detail especially since they would have to as part of the business transaction. On the other hand, you may not have the skills to carry out your planned designs, resulting in messy and shoddy work.

27Having an interior designer also means that you can have them alter, modify and tweak the finished product to your desire. Compare this to the possibility of you having done it yourself and would be simply too tired or fed-up by the end of the work to touch up and repair. Discuss your designs with a few designers and use your gut instinct to determine who will be best suited to design your home.

How to Select the Best Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui TipsFeng shui is an ancient Chinese technique of combining the laws of Heaven and Earth together for controlling the qi to improve the quality of our lives. The qi should flow properly and in the right direction to help us live a good life. If the qi is unable to move, the quality of our life degrades. The term feng shui means ‘wind water’. It has been used traditionally to structure the palaces and houses and plan the landscape of properties. This kind of consultation gives you very clear feng shui tips directions regarding the planning of your house and arrangement of your rooms. If you are a believer of this luck enhancing ancient technique you should find a feng shui consultant who will be able to give you the best advice.

What do you need to know about this process?

  • You need to know what feng shui is and what you can expect from it. Feng shui has different schools. You should ask your consultant about the school of fen shui they are following.
  • Another important thing is to have a clear idea about which area of your life you want to improve with the help of feng shui. You can redecorate your house; you can focus the consultation on making wealth or get love. The consultant will give you advice based on your expectations.
  • The traditional feng Shui School either works by analysing the symbolism of shapes, size, landscape or it takes the help of the feng shui compass, Lo Shu Square and Baqua.
  • The tantric Buddhist feng shui was created by Chinese grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun. They combine the traditional feng shui with Taoism.
  • Generally the consultants mix the knowledge of all the schools for giving predictions.

How to find a feng shui consultant?

  • First get to know – what is feng shui and read up articles about it available on the internet or go to the nearest library to find out the best books.
  • Ask your personal contacts if they have known any consultant who can give sound advice on feng shui.
  • There are forums where people discuss such topics and you can get suggestions from there too.
  • You should meet the consultant in person and try to feel the vibe you get from him/ her. A consultant can give you advice over mail or phone but they will be able to understand your home or office better if they visit these places.
  • Check the consultant’s references and talk to some of them in person. Talking to their previous clients, will give you a good idea about the quality of their service.


  • Try the Flying Star method as it gives the most apt results.
  • Give them complete detail about your house, work place and your own self.
  • Ask your feng shui consultant to give you a complete analysis in written.
  • Ask the consultants to check out the area around your property and use the compass for making predictions without mistakes.