Handmade Card Ideas That Is Creative And Inexpensive

cardsThere are so many reasons why we want to give away cards don’t you agree? However, we can’t always buy cards for special occasions. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to make handmade cards at least? Not to mention, handmade cards are far more special than the readymade ones because you can’t just ignore the effort and the labor of love poured down to it just to come up with a presentable card. Again, it is the thought that counts.

You only need to have good imagination and creativity to create a handmade card. If you lack the idea, you can always search over the net of some artistic ideas and stuffs that you can use to create your own version of handmade card. Don’t worry about the outcome because in most cases, the recipient will not scrutinize your piece of art. Why? Because they are more overwhelmed by the thought that you really made an effort and spend precious time in making such a special card. Oh how precious it would be!

To help you get started, below are some creative ideas that you can use to create artistic cards:

  • Look around your house and find some postage stamps that you think can still be of use. I’d like to believe that most people find joy in receiving letter in the mailbox. Thus, you may want to make a card and decorate it with old postage stamps. You may also use new ones if you feel more creative about it. It will not result to a very creative postcard; it will also bring back the sweet and exciting old time practices of sending and receiving postcards.
  • Old magazines and junk mail can be a great material too. Check out some old magazines and find some stylish font letters that you can use for your handmade card. You can also look for great phrases that you can cut out and some cool background to glue your message using cut out letters from magazines. Surely, those stylish glossy font letters and background will make you a modern looking handmade card.
  • Make use of wrapping paper as it is usually designed for a particular occasion. Birthday for instance, you can cut the happy birthday part of the wrapping paper. You may also cut out some pictures out of the wrapping paper as highlight design for your greeting card. You may also visit CardCraftBuddies.com and check out their wide range of craft supplies.
  • Old calendars containing well-designed sceneries and places can be a great material for your handmade card too. Look for a fitting image for the occasion and cut it out. For instance, you may cut out a picture of a tropical beach to wish your friend a fun summer vacation. You just have to unleash your creative juices to make your card extra special.